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What many real estate Agents fail to realize is, who they are as an individual and how successful they can be is not determined by who they work for.

Many Agents believe they need a big brand name on their business card in order to be successful and those Agents are more than willing to give more than 40% of their paycheck to the company they work for. If that was the case then our Broker would not be ranked in the top 2% in personal sales for the Sarasota market. You CAN be successful and you CAN keep more of your money working for a specialized real estate brokerage. Especially when they are willing to invest in your career and show you what it takes to be in the top 2%. All you have to do is the navigation, We have mapped the path to success for you.

The affluent buyers and sellers that patronize our market understand that any Agent can get a job at a big box brokerage and those same buyers and sellers know the best Agents to represent them are accomplished individuals who are good at their job, not their corporate affiliation. Your confidence as a real estate professional should come from YOUR name and not the name of the company you work for. You are your own brand in the real estate profession. Add your professionalism to a well organized company that provides you access to the tools of success and one that is not interested in stealing you blind and the fortunes of success are all yours.

The Agents that come to Sarasota Bay Real Estate come here for some, or all four, of the following reasons: Our professionalism and the class A office we operate from makes them look good in the eyes of their customers, the opportunity they have to advance their career in a professional environment absent of corporate bureaucracy that restricts how they choose to do business, the amount of money they get to keep out of each commission check, and the access to the marketing and listing tools that have made us the #1 boutique brand in Sarasota.

In order to serve the interests of the vast majority of real estate professionals and where they currently are in their careers, Sarasota Bay Real Estate has two options for joining the company. Each option was developed to fill various Agents needs. They are outlined below. We do have a 100% commission program for top producershowever to qualify for this, you need to have more than four million in sales the year previous to joining our company.

Option #1


For Agents who prefer a hands off approach when marketing their services and listings the first option Sarasota Bay Real Estate offers is a 75/25 split. This level includes some products and services that are designed to bring more business to the Agent and increase their overall sales. This option includes:

  • 200 Just Listed cards for every property listing
  • Best in class IDX enabled WordPress real estate website
  • Paperless online document management software
  • Free professional photography from PIX360 for all your listings
  • Free B/W printing
  • We do all of your MLS entry for you so you can focus on selling

There is a $65 a month office contribution for this plan to cover the paperless document management software and the website IDX feed.

Option #2


For Agents who prefer a hands on approach when marketing their services but are keen to enjoy life more and work less and prefer not to be full time agents or may prefer a lighter workload the 85/15 split offered by Sarasota Bay Real Estate is ideal. This options features include:

  • Best in class IDX enabled WordPress real estate website
  • Paperless online document management software
  • Office space is available for an additional monthly fee
  • Farming, and just sold cards are available for a fee in house but not mandatory
  • Just listed cards are provided for some properties depending on price point
  • No transaction fees

There is a $195 a month office contribution fee charged for this plan to cover the paperless document management software, website IDX feed, and a token contribution to help cover the office overhead.

How we bring you business

Our company has a leads program that agents can participate in for an additional $400 a month. These are pre-scrubbed leads that have a very high probability of converting. No agent that has participated in this program has lost money on it.

Our company does more to bring you business and supply you with good quality leads than any other in Sarasota. If you have a good work ethic and an established history of good customer service, you will enjoy working here.

Here is what we look for in Agents and Broker Associates

Real Estate Agent

I am sure many of you work in an office filled with diverse personalities and Agents that demonstrate different levels of professionalism. The Agents and Broker Associates that fall in the extreme fringe left and right are typically not the individuals we are looking for. I am not talking about political ideology, I am referring to those who on one extreme are not team players and at the other extreme are Prima Donnas.

The culture of this company is very important to the people that work here and we take an active approach to protect that culture for our Agents. We have a lot of people that have come from highly professional backgrounds who enjoy working together, sharing ideas, and cross marketing properties.

If you truly want to work for a great company with a great culture, friendly atmosphere, and professional people that want to help you succeed as much as you want to succeed then give us a call, we would enjoy speaking with you!