Bradenton Downtown Walkability Goes Notches Higher


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, July 7th, 2016 – A road safety project and a unique art walk have been pipelined for downtown Bradenton, both welcome enhancements to the walkability and connectivity of many residential neighborhoods around the city center including Village of the Arts and White Bear Park.

As safety measures, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is currently designing a median, turn lanes, and crosswalks along key road corridors linking the downtown south to the Village of the Arts. These new road safety features, expected to be built next year, will be installed along 8th Avenue West between 9th Street West and 14th Street West. Crosswalks are also on the FDOT’s drawing boards for 13th Street West and Old Main Street.

Three-Mile Cultural Display

Bradenton Downtown Walkability Goes Notches Higher

These endeavours jibe perfectly with the “Walk Bradenton” project of the nonprofit Realize Bradenton. This organization is currently creating a three-mile cultural corridor running from the award-winning downtown park Riverwalk to the Village of the Arts, which incidentally is one charming destination in searches of Bradenton homes for sale.

In recent months, Realize Bradenton has been commissioning several new pieces of public art for this project. These will be integrated with 33 existing creations in a lineup of a walkable art tour extending from Riverwalk southward all the way to McKechnie Field. This spring training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates in some ways also notably lends charm to Bradenton homes for sale.

Realize Bradenton is likewise setting up three artistic intersection gateways from 14th Street West into the Village of the Arts. Here, commissioned artists will create artworks celebrating Bradenton’s heritage in two large wall murals. All told, this downtown walk will not only be a public display of art and history but also a showcase for shops, dining venues, and places to stay and play.

More Walkable Attractions

These initiatives complement the other projects that Realize Bradenton has colloboratively developed to promote walkability in downtown Bradenton and shape it as a preferred and unique destination for residents, tourists, and businesses. At the 1.5-mile Riverwalk Park fronting the Manatee River, the organization helped initiate a 19-piece gallery of outdoor art featuring interactive sound sculptures as well as local history.

Other park features, which too serve as a come-on for prospective buyers of Bradenton homes for sale, include an amphitheater, pavilion, and performance areas. In addition, the Riverwalk offers a skateboard park, an interactive splash pad and day docks.

Realize Bradenton is also one of the prime movers of the Mainly Art Vendors and the Bradenton Farmers’ Market held each Saturday starting from the first weekend of October up to the last week of May. The local artists and crafts people of Mainly Art Vendors display and sell their wares at 4th Avenue West perpendicular to the venue of the Farmers Market on Old Main Street. The Farmers Market has more than thirty-five vendors selling local produce including fruits, vegetables, organic products, plants, fresh seafood, and prepared foods.

These local attractions are notably one of the main draws of some condominiums within walking distance to Riverwalk Park. These condos include River Dance and Waterway whose market allure will surely get an added lift from the enhanced walkability of downtown Bradenton.