Choices on Downtown Condos for Sale Broaden Further


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, April 23rd, 2016 – Selections have just widened further on downtown Sarasota condos for sale priced starting at around the $300s. Two new condominium projects in the downtown area moved forward recently, featuring units at this attractive price range which some developers believe could draw in a new crop of buyers to the city center.

In March 2016, pre-construction marketing started for 1500 State Street, a project erstwhile known as “pad lite” attached to the newly built parking garage on State Street. Compared to most downtown condos, the price per square foot in this six-story building is lower. The price of a one-bedroom unit with a floor area of 724 square feet in this condominium just listed in the MLS of Sarasota condos for sale is set at $375,000.

Stylish Designs Set

Choices on Downtown Condos for Sale Broaden Further

Though its units are comparatively lower-priced, the 1500 State Street building has been designed with luxury finishes and fixtures featured in upscale condominiums in its neighborhood. These features include 10-foot ceilings, granite counter tops, ceramic tile floors and spacious balconies. Buyers of pre-construction units, who need to shell out a $10,000 deposit, can choose their preferred condo finishes.

Striking with its neotraditional façade, this condominium is planned for 20 residential units. These will be built at five per floor from levels 3 to 6 of this six-story building which has a total floor area of 5,041 square feet. Each unit will have an assigned parking slot located on its same floor right outside the corridor door. The first two levels of the building will be devoted to office and commercial space including a restaurant, looming as yet another attraction for downtown Sarasota condos for sale.

Construction is expected to begin in summer 2016 and will take up to 16 months to complete. A project of Hembree & Associates and Dr. Mark Kauffman, 1500 State Street was designed by Chris Gallagher of Hoyt Architects. Its construction contract was won by Jackson and Associates. This project also includes a two-story commercial building across Pineapple Park on the corner of Lemon and Pineapple avenues. A walkover bridge across the alley behind the parking garage will connect the two planned buildings.

Courtyard at Citrus Square

North of the downtown core, a boutique condo similar to 1500 State Street was also unveiled in late March. Located in Rosemary District, this condominium is named Courtyard at Citrus Square and prices of its units will likewise start just over the mid-$300s. It is a project of local developer Mark Pierce and is planned for 10 residential units with one- and two-bedroom designs.

The Courtyard condo, planned as a three-story building, will rise along Orange Avenue north of Citrus Square. Its residences will occupy the two upper floors, while the ground level is allotted to retail and professional storefronts. Green spaces and a private courtyard, eye candy for residents in all units, have also been incorporated in the condominium’s blueprint.

The New Urbanist principle adopted for Sarasota’s downtown served as this project’s guidepost. This development philosophy calls for walkable, low-density and human-scale communities, a thrust that should definitely help further broaden market interest on Sarasota condos for sale.