Competitive Home Options Rise East of the Trail


Some enterprising developers might just have come up with a solution for prospective buyers eying “West of the Trail” Sarasota homes for sale but eventually find them too pricey for their budget. Competitively priced alternatives are currently available on the eastern side of the Tamiami Trail, which like their counterparts in the west, are in a superb location close to lots of life and leisure facilities.

Among these “East of the Trail” alternatives was unveiled by Courtyard Homes LLC sometime in late April 2015 at the Hudson Park subdivision in the Alta Vista neighborhood just a short distance south of downtown Sarasota. Presented during an open house was Courtyard Homes’ builder model in a modern two-story design with three bedrooms and two baths and a half within its floor area of 2,140 square feet.

Half-the-price choices

Competitive Home Options Rise East of the Trail

The developer, whose builders and staff tout a combined experience of 25 years, is on the go for 17 new home constructions in the neighborhood, with five of them at Wood Street. Other Courtyard Home builds are in nearby streets Floyd, Hawthorne, Waldemere and Shade. The developer’s first East of the Trail house, which has a floor plan of 2,117 square feet at Floyd Street was sold last year for $400,000.

Along Wood Street, a sales listing (MLS Number: A3992529) next to Courtyard Homes’ builder model sporting the same square footage has a listed price of $530,000, a quote which the developer estimates is half the price of homes in West of the Trail locations. West of the Trail lots alone can cost $400,000, per realtors’ estimate.

More two-story homes

National homebuilder D.R. Horton has also been reported active in East of Trail construction, either demolishing old houses for new homes or building them in vacant lots. Some of its projects are located on Hillview and Hawthorne Streets, and like Courtyard Homes’ residences, these are designed with two stories. The prices for these D.R. Horton Homes reportedly start at the high $400s.

High quality, new two-story homes are likewise offered in a nearby community, Avon Heights, at Tamisola and Bahia Vista Streets. These residences are designed with three bedrooms within floor plans measuring 2,241 square feet and are listed in the low $400s among Sarasota homes for sale.

Family-friendly locale

East of the Trail homes, like their counterparts west of the Tamiami highway, have a unique character and are convenient to various amenities. The Alta Vista neighborhood, for instance, shares the locality with the Arlington Park and Hillview District which altogether is noted for quiet, tree-lined streets. Besides the world-famous health care facilities of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the amenities in this locality include well-established restaurants, clubs, and shops, such as Sam Snead’s 5 O’Clock Club, Pacific Rim and a Publix Super Market.

Additionally, this area is family-friendly with the Sarasota High School and the YMCA just a short walk from many of the residences. A short drive north leads to even more lifestyle delights at downtown Sarasota and a similar short trip southwest leads to the fabulous white sands of Siesta Key.