First Bradenton Entertainment District Shaping Up Quick


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, July 20, 2017 – The drive to create the first entertainment district in Bradenton has gained immediate traction less than a week after city officials unanimously approved several blocks in the heart of Old Manatee for this new lifestyle hub.

The city measure, which is intended to attract more businesses offering food, fun, and nightlife in this east Bradenton district, came as a welcome initiative for Suncoast Development and Management Services. This Odessa-based company announced early this July a five-year plan to redevelop into a multi-use facility the seven-story building it recently acquired within this district.

New Dining Hub and More

New Dining Hub

Located at 1002 Manatee Avenue East, this building, which Suncoast purchased in June, currently hosts Scrubs, Shoes and Chef and will have more under the company’s redevelopment goal. A Mediterranean-style restaurant with outdoor seating is planned for the building’s seventh-floor rooftop. At the ground floor, the features will include burgers and pizza plus a coffee/bakery shop.

Office spaces are set for the building’s second and third levels, while the fourth and fifth floors will provide workforce housing. Six one-bedroom units are planned on the fourth floor, and the four units allotted on the fifth floor will have two bedrooms. Office space of 2,000 square feet will also be allocated at the sixth floor.

Borders Defined

Bradenton Entertainment District Map

City parts that have been identified as the city’s entertainment district border areas of Ninth and Seventh Streets East with some parts extending outward to 10th Street East. Third Avenue East defines the western boundary of this district which occupies a significant slice of Old Manatee, the historic first settlement of the county. Notably, the entertainment district is zoned as commercial, and its activities are not expected to adversely affect any residential area or values of nearby Bradenton homes for sale.

Pivotal to the creation of Bradenton’s entertainment district is its exception from a new city ordinance regulating noise levels of non-residential areas. City officials said setting the entertainment district would also entail having cleaner and walkable streets, wider sidewalks, and better street lighting in the area.

Nearby Residential Choices

The residential neighborhoods near Bradenton’s first entertainment district include older communities like River Haven and Manatee Gardens where home values could get some zip from the new district’s amenities. Once collectively known as Manatee Village housing the region’s first residents, this historic area still exudes an Old Florida feel which could still charm many prospective buyers of Bradenton homes for sale.

The residences here include small cottages and bungalows of 1920s vintage built next to historic Victorian houses. There are plenty of Florida ranch-style houses from the 1950s and larger homes of later builds as well.

New on the Market

New on the Market

Just this June, a two-story home built in 2006 at River Haven was sales-listed with an asking price in the high $600s. This new listing features four bedrooms and four baths within a floor area of about 3,600 square feet.

More affordable choices of Bradenton homes for sale priced in the $100s are available too in this neighborhood and in its neighboring Manatee Gardens. These residences typically come in three-bedroom designs and floor areas of between 1,100 and 1,900 square feet, plus of course proximity to the city’s new entertainment district quickly making its presence felt.