Hands-on Mangrove Conservation Pushed


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, April 6th, 2016 – Mangrove forests, like those off Lido Key which add delight to Sarasota homes for sale in its waterfront communities Orchid Beach Club and Lido Harbour South, are Suncoast assets that Sarasota County now wants to have direct control. At present, it is the state’s Department of Environmental Protection which takes charge of all rules and regulations on preservation and trimming of Florida’s mangroves.

The county’s attempt to have a hands-on policy on the conservation of its mangroves will be via a proposed ordinance that some Sarasota officials plan to present to county commissioners in June. They are optimistic that this measure will be passed by year-end.

Vital as Property Buffer

Hands-on Mangrove Conservation Pushed

Alyssa Vinson, an environmental expert with the county, said that the planned measure seeks to transfer locally the department’s responsibility of processing permits for trimming mangroves, preventing the improper unauthorized or mangrove cutting, and imposing punitive action on violators. The ordinance is also envisioned to carry provisions on a mangrove training and certification program, she added.

There’s a real need for the public, particularly professionals and homeowners near mangroves, to learn the correct horticultural principles for caring of mangroves. According to environmentalists mangroves are very important mainly because these trees help deter coastal erosion and protect the Suncoast’s barrier islands during strong cyclones. Additionally, the mangrove ecosystem serves as breeding ground for 80 percent of commercial fish.

Recreational Value

Locals and tourists alike also treasure the recreational value of Sarasota’s mangroves, a benefit best enjoyed at the Ted Sperling Park (also known as South Lido Beach Park) adjacent west of the condominiums Orchid Beach Club and Lido Harbour South, two exciting destinations in searches of Sarasota condos for sale. Besides its nature trails and picnic grounds, this park is likewise popular for its mangrove tunnels through which kayak trips are popular, taking visitors up close with dolphins, manatees, birds and marine life.

More attractions can be expected from this park. A two-phase project is being finalized for its enhancement, using funds from the share of about $1 million that the county is eligible to receive from the BP oil spill penalties provided under the RESTORE Act.

Community Involvement

The first phase of the project calls for the construction of four boardwalks over waterways and a 4,500-foot bicycle and pedestrian trail. In its second phase, the corridor linking the park’s north and south sides would be paved. This endeavor also calls for the removal of invasive species in the park which is considered as one of the most diverse mangrove forest habitats in Sarasota’s parks system. Previously, neighboring property owners on south Lido Key and the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program have funded large-scale clearings of non-native plant species in this park.

In addition to Lido Harbour and Orchid Beach, the newly built Park Residences of Lido Key is another condominium which enjoys close proximity to Ted Sperling. Constructed in 2015, this community consists of 18 luxury units, eight of which have already been listed as sold in the MLS of Sarasota homes for sale as of end-March 2016. Condos still available at the Park Residences are three-bedroom units within floor areas of about 2,500 square feet, offered at between the $1.3 million and $1.4 million price range.