Hibernate on Siesta Key


Hibernate on Siesta Key

People who get used to the everyday busy and hectic scenes of the professional world, tend to dream of retirement that is near serenity and distant to all the pressures of the world. Whether it’s a home to spend your retirement years in or a vacation house used only in the winter months, the investment will have to provide the sense of tranquility that an individual deserves after working so hard their whole life. A picturesque community within the southeastern part of the United States may be a great option for a life full of bliss— possibly a home on Siesta Key just outside Sarasota in Florida?

Siesta Key is a barrier island found between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay within the central portion of the western coast of Florida. A portion of this island is in the city of Sarasota, however, majority of the island is within the Sarasota County. The total population on this key is estimated to be around 7,150 during the summer months and that number swells to more than 20,000 during winter.

Siesta Key is indeed a perfect space to spend a lifetime. This little piece of paradise in Sarasota houses some of the the finest beaches and most majestic sunsets not only in the United States, but of the whole sphere. To name a few of the fantastic beaches found on Siesta there is; Siesta Public Beach, Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach and Palmer Point Beach.

Siesta Public Beach offers beach-lovers and vacationers the most beautiful stretch of white sand in the world. It is by far the most popular among the county and is considered the widest. Expect that on a usual busy weekend at the height of tourist season, over 15,000 may gather here for their winter time hideaway. Relaxing on the beach and swimming in the gulf is not the only activity for families, friends, or couples. While on Siesta Key, they can also enjoy outdoor cooking and picnics, water sports like snorkeling, boating, and para-sailing, beach sports like volleyball, and even a simple and romantic walk by the shore.

For those who want to just relax and read a good book, Turtle Beach is a good match. Here, people can go sun bathing and relax without running into the big crowd on Siesta Beach. There are covered areas on this beach that are good for dining, picnicking and reading. For a fun weekend bonding with the kids, parks like Boyd Park, Ocean Boulevard, Glebe Park, Calle de la Siestas and Avenida Navarra are great alternatives. Individuals who are outdoor enthusiasts will no doubt easily fall in love with this place.

Mild weather in this city allows everyone to soak and enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water all year round. For this reason, families living on Siesta Key do not require swimming pools within their backyard as the long stretch of magnificent coastline will provide a wide water playground for the children. From sunrise till the golden sun sets and touches the horizon, people will surely be captivated by the unrivaled beauty of Siesta Key—the white powdery fine sand, pristine aquamarine waters, good food and an unsurpassed ocean breeze constantly flowing through the air.

Perhaps, the only thing that can give the breathtaking beaches a run for the money with the grown-ups are Sarasota’s world-class golf courses. Those who are fanatics of the sport and quite serious about training, some of the country’s most challenging course layouts can be found here, over 100 courses can be found that are designed for both professionals and novices within a very short drive of Siesta Key.

When moving permanently to this part of Florida, children’s and young adult education will not pose a huge problem as there are plenty of public and privates schools to choose from: Sarasota County Public Schools, Ringling School of Art, University of South Florida, Manatee County Public Schools, New Gate School, St. Joseph Catholic School, St. Stephens Episcopal School, Bradenton Academy, Cardinal Mooney High School, Bradenton Christian School, Phillippi Shores Elementary School, Brookside Middle School and more.

For families or individuals planning to purchase a permanent residential house, investment property, vacation home or settle on Siesta Key, options come in wide array. To ensure that you get every penny’s worth, find a Realtor that is familiar with the area that can show you the magnificent luxury estates, simple beachside condominium units, and homes or villas currently for sale. Acquiring a property within this key is deemed to be a prime investment for financial and enjoyment reasons.