Northern Downtown Core Solidifies in Rosemary District


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, April 14th, 2016 – Urban infill developments are fast reshaping Rosemary District as a northern downtown core richly stocked with Sarasota homes for sale, as another condominium is planned for the northeast corner of Cocoanut Avenue‒Fourth Street. This new project comes at a time when the Sarasota Downtown Community Redevelopment Authority has already listed a dozen real estate developments in progress in this district and its neighboring bayfront as of March 2016. These developments consists not only of condos and townhouses but also apartment housing, hotels, as well as commercial properties.

The architectural firm Halflants + Pichette is drafting plans for this yet unnamed condo which is envisioned for five stories with 62 units. This condo building will feature a rooftop pool, and its ground floor will have 12 live‒work spaces with private courtyards which would at the same time provide eye-pleasing green space to all residents.

New Urbanism Showcase

Northern Downtown Core Solidifies in Rosemary District

Halflants + Pichette will again showcase its signature modernistic style, an architectural genre characteristic of the new urbanism in many of the recently launched boutique condos for sale in Sarasota’s downtown. The firm is likewise crafting a similar urbanist design for 10 luxury townhomes in 1542 Fourth Street for developer Karel Dudych of Dbd Group Mei who purchased the site in November last year for $1.1 million.

Another Halflants + Pichette design, the Risdon on 5th only a block northwest from this property, is also set for construction at a projected cost of $5 million. The Risdon, planned for 22 units and six office/commercials lots, already started pre-construction selling in February 2016. Its listings amongst Sarasota condos for sale feature floor plans of between 750 square feet and 2,000 square feet. Their price quotes start at close to the $300s and top at around the mid-$800s.

Vanguard Loft Touts Design District

Halflants + Pichette is also the architect for the six-unit Vanguard Lofts adjacent south of Risdon. Rising at an estimated cost of about $2.4 million, Vanguard Lofts is slated to be completed in 2017. This development is a project of San Francisco-based Tetra Terra which has priced Vanguard Lofts condos for sale in the $600s and $800s.

Vanguard Lofts, like the Risdon, was rendered in a modern architectural style, the urbanism trademark to Halflants + Pichette’s architectural designs. Notably, the Vanguard Loft design garnered a national award from the Association of Licensed Architects and a merit award from the American Institute of Architects.

More to Expect

These awards provide added credence to Rosemary’s recent claim as the Sarasota Design District, a neighborhood where Halflants + Pichette has set up shop along with a significant number of similar building-arts concerns. These creative outfits have already formed an alliance to actively promote Rosemary as a design district.

Much can still be expected from this redevelopment of Rosemary District that for long has taken a backseat in the Sarasota real estate market. A 2014 study by the Gibbs Planning Group indicated that this now-emergent northern downtown core indeed has the potential to grow as creative neighborhood which could eventually turn out as a mini version of the famous Miami Design District. This study further suggested that Rosemary over the next five years can support 63,000 square feet of additional retail space to meet demand from residents as well as tourists.