Pillars of Well-Being Firmly in Place for Sarasota Communities


Outstanding activities pursued by the local government and the private sector indicate that strong mechanisms are in place to maintain the overall well-being in the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton area which ranks No. 1 across the nation as per the 2015 Gallup-Healthways Index.

In Sarasota, one of the most striking is the community’s acute environmental awareness as seen in the recent reactivation of the group Save Our Sarasota (SOS), which was instrumental in the 2011 approval of the city’s downtown green space policy. In its continuing advocacy on the value of trees in an urban setting, SOS is now mobilizing neighborhoods to lobby for regulations empowering residents in preventing tree damage and tree removal.

This fresh initiative came following reports from a number of neighborhoods that big trees are being removed as new and bigger homes are being built. These tree removals, it was alleged, are often without permits and done on weekends when such activity isn’t monitored by the city.

A boon for property values

Pillars of Well-Being Firmly in Place for Sarasota Communities

This renewed effort of SOS has generated strong support from such neighborhoods as Avondale at West of the Trail and other nearby communities like Tahiti Park. For the residents in these localities, the concern goes beyond felling of trees and extends to regulating entry of heavy-duty trucks which pose possible damage to trees in their subdivisions.

The keen interest of residents in these localities springs from the lush canopy trees which contribute much to the intrinsic value of their properties. At Avondale, a 3,100-square-foot, five-bedroom residence nestled amid the community’s lush setting is currently listed among Sarasota homes for sale with a price tag approaching the $700s. Similarly, a sales-listed 1,832-square-foot, three-bedroom home in Tahiti Park is a value-for-money proposition at the upper $400s, considering its verdant environment iconic of a neighborhood steeped in overall well-being.

Boosts to quality of life in North Port

Programs and facilities contributing to overall well-being of communities are likewise firmly in place in North Port. The outdoor recreational opportunities in the city, for instance, have been expanded recently with the recent opening of the 3,760-acre Walton Ranch Preserve, a superb venue for horseback riding, picnics and sightseeing, and an added attraction as well for Sarasota homes for sale here.

The city too is a champion on water conservation with its efforts gaining international recognition in recent years. The city government has likewise been recognized as one of the leaders in deploying cutting-edge technology to enhance its services to the public and extend transparency to its operations.

Well-being at work or at play

Bradenton, like North Port, is also home to well-designed public parks, like the Riverwalk which not only promotes quality of life and bring aesthetic and recreational benefits. Such facilities host popular events too, such as the Riverwalk Regatta, delivering a positive economic impact via increased municipal revenue, enhanced property values, and by attracting visitors, businesses, homebuyers and retirees.

The Manatee County government, for its part, extends to Bradenton its strong commitment to providing a healthy workplace for employees. This effort, seeking to maintain customized wellness resources and programs at the worksite, has been recognized nationally with the American Heart Association presenting to Manatee this June a “Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite” award.