Road Extension Adds Value Premium to Sarasota Real Estate


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, May, 18, 2013 – The extension of Honore Avenue in Sarasota, Florida, garnered this April the statewide Project of the Year Award for transportation public works in the $5-million to $25-million bracket. This recognition, held under the auspices of the American Public Works Association, has contributed to the value appreciation of properties around the project, Sarasota Bay Real Estate said.

Completed in November 2011, the road extension was cited for its purposive effort on minimal local intrusion to protect the surrounding neighborhoods’ character. The avenue’s extension, primarily aimed at providing greater mobility for both residents and visitors, involved the construction of a 2.7-mile, two-lane divided road  from Fruitville to Bee Ridge Road at a cost of about $18 million. This stretch fills a vital missing link in one of the principal north–south thoroughfares in Sarasota.

Road Construction

Several environment-friendly features were incorporated into this project. One is the inclusion of landscaping in harmony with the Florida environment. Another is the adoption of sustainability in its design through vegetative buffers, bio-swales, and rain gardens to treat runoff of storm water. As appreciable, some 75 percent of the mature canopy trees existing in the extended roadway corridor were untouched and preserved.

Additionally, bicycle lanes and meandering sidewalks on both sides of the road extension were built. The design–build project likewise included LED streetlights in the road medians and a decorative intersection medallion. Besides crosswalks and bus stops, six roundabouts were also constructed so that traffic is safer and its flow more efficient.

Attractively priced Sarasota homes for sale

Near Fruitville Road, the neighborhoods which got immediate benefits from the Honore Avenue extension include the Groves and Broadway. Some of the subdivisions’ properties listed in the MLS are among the more affordably priced Sarasota homes for sale. At Broadway, there are two listings with asking prices in the low $100s, featuring two bedrooms and two baths.

A short distance southward, the price options graduate to the high $400s and $500s at the lush environs of the Hidden Oaks Estates. The Sarasota homes for sale currently available here have three to five bedrooms and floor areas ranging from approximately 3,000 square feet up to 4,000 square feet.

Closer to Bee Ridge Road, several properties at Ridgewood and Brentwood Estates are also currently in the MLS. Notably, Ridgewood has nine residences currently in the pending list, indicating the upbeat Sarasota real estate market. There’s a new Brentwood listing on short sale priced under the $100s, featuring two bedrooms and a bath and a half within its floor area of 1,200-plus square feet. There are also alternatives on the same price range and not as short sale, though smaller in their floor areas of about 1,000 square feet.

Four of the MLS listings at Brentwood are also on pending status. As in Broadway and Ridgewood, Sarasota homes for sale in this community are also attractively priced. One sales-listed home has a base price below the $100s and features four bedrooms and two baths within its floor area of 1,400-plus square feet. At the top of the price list in this neighborhood is a three-bedroom residence having a floor plan close to 1,200 square feet and offered at the high $100s.