Sarasota Tops More National and State Rankings


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 12, 2019 – Marketing Sarasota as a real estate buying destination is getting more leverage these days, with the additional stellar rankings that it has received recently.

What’s even more gratifying, the recent high ratings for Sarasota real estate involve not only its drawing power amongst home buyers but also amongst business investors. Go.Verizon, the online retailer of Verizon telecom products, elevated Sarasota on the latter selection, ranking it second on its list of 300 “Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business.”

The elements considered in the Go.Verizon rating included each city’s financial climate and demographic factors, such as population, income per capita, tax scores, education, travel time to work, broadband Internet access, and loans per capita.

Elaborating on Sarasota’s runner-up ranking next only to Logan, Utah, Go.Verizon cited the vibrant, tourism-driven Sarasota economy. It further noted that Sarasota is attracting not only snowbirds but also young entrepreneurs who amp up the city’s innovative atmosphere.

Retirement Destination Leader

In another top-ranking citation for Sarasota, U.S. News and World Report, included the city in its 25 most desirable places to live in the U.S. for 2019. The publication put it at No. 20 in this list, a rating boosted by the popularity of Sarasota as a retirement destination owing to its award-winning beaches, growing economy, and year-round warm climate.

SmartAsset, a personal finance portal, has also listed Sarasota at No. 9 in its picks of the “Best Places to Retire in Florida.” This website’s criteria in its list included medical care, tax-friendliness, and social life, all summed up in a “best place to retire index”. Under this measure, the city of Venice also landed in the SmartAsset list at No. 8.

Taking all the base factors into account, Sarasota had a total of 53.60 index points. It scored
14.6 percent for tax rate, while posting 12.2 doctors’ offices per 1,000 residents, 3.1 recreation centers per 1,000 residents, and 0.6 retirements centers per 1,000 residents. Its percentage of seniors vs. total population came in at 26.5 percent.

Venice, on the other hand, posted a total index of 56.27. It got a 14.5 percent tax rate score, while maintaining 6.7 doctors’ offices per 1,000 residents, 1.3 recreation centers per 1,000 residents, and 0.6 retirement centers per 1,000 residents. Its seniors’ percentage was estimated weightier than Sarasota’s at 61.1 percent.

Strong Online Presence

Its appeal amongst seniors likewise put Sarasota in the “2019 best of the best” picks for retirees as culled by From the 20 U.S. towns and cities that drew the most online visits at this website, Sarasota was ranked second in popularity behind Asheville, NC.

Again, Sarasota figured prominently in this list because of its great beaches, favorable climate, and rich cultural activities. It gained even more weight as a destination for baby boomers with Sarasota’s master-planned developments well suited for retirees.

Amongst other communities, relocating retirees can scout plenty of buying opportunities in the Esplanade at Lakewood Ranch which markets itself not only as an active lifestyle development but also as the largest green-certified U.S. community. Spreading on more than 200 acres, it is host to over 1,300 residential properties with current listings in the $200s up to the $800s representing choices that helped bring Sarasota to the ranks of best places to live in the U.S.