Venice Comprehensive Plan: A Cheer for Cyclists and Developers


SARASOTA, FLORIDA, May 19th, 2016 – Further improvements in bike lanes and trails as well as more pedestrian paths and streetscape upgrades for enhanced walkability are high on the list of the 10-year comprehensive plan that the city of Venice is currently updating. Alert on such initiatives, some property developers have launched new communities in the city, moves that should further enliven the market on Venice homes for sale.

Covering 2016‒2026, the city’s comprehensive plan under revision is a roadmap that the state of Florida requires to project community needs over the next ten years. This planning document addresses such elements as infrastructure, traffic, housing, land use, parks, and other vital facilities dictating the growth and quality of life in a town or city.

Upgrades on the Roll

 Venice Comprehensive Plan: A Cheer for Cyclists and Developers

The workshops that the city government has so far held have specifically identified several thoroughfares where new bike lanes are needed. These include the U.S. 41 Bypass, Laurel Road, and Pinebrook Road.

Public works supportive of the Venice comprehensive plan are underway even as it has yet to get its finishing touches. The U.S. 41 Bypass project, for one, was started in January 2016 precisely calls for the construction of seven-foot wide bicycle lanes. Other major improvements include widening the road to six from four lanes and adding concrete sidewalks and upgrades on traffic signals and street lighting.

Loftier Bike-friendly Rating

This U.S. 41 Bypass project and the comprehensive plan initiatives augur well for Venice’s bid to level up its silver ranking as a bicycle-friendly community, a designation it earned in 2012 and up for renewal this year. The Washington DC-based League of American Bicyclists awards such designations categorized in ascending order from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and to diamond.

With more than 930 bike trails, Venice already has remarkable assets to build upon a higher rating as a bike-friendly city. In the city’s downtown alone, there are several streets with bike lanes. One is Harbor Drive which enables bike rides with an ocean view and connects with many other city streets.

The Venetian Waterway Park is another main draw for cyclists, as well as for Venice homes for sale. This park’s main feature is a scenic 10-mile trail that meanders around Venice island and links to local attractions like Brouhard Beach and Caspersen Beach.

Thrills of Tra Ponti Villagio, Villa Venetto

Enticing for searchers of Venice homes for sale, the park’s trail also loops around many of the city’s charming neighborhoods including some new property developments like the Tra Ponti Villagio. Located adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, this new community enjoys a strategic location between the two bridges leading to the Venice downtown. It consists of 19 custom-built single-family courtyard homes plus four three-story townhomes.

These residences feature floor plans of between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet, with current sales listings priced in the $700s and $800s. These price points appear competitive with offerings at its neighboring condominium, The Waterfront on Venice Island, where units built in the early 2000s with floor plans of 1,705‒2,165 square feet are priced from the $500s up to the $900s.

Villa Venetto is another new residential development in Venice island that can bank on its proximity to the city’s bike trails and other varied amenities. A boutique-style multifamily project, this community features Old World-style condos with living areas of 1,456‒1,782 square feet designed with two or three bedrooms and priced pre-construction from the $200s to the $300s.