Whitaker Bayou Condo Eyed Near Museum Area


The eclectic Museum Area of Sarasota stands to gain yet an added attraction for folks in search of Sarasota homes for sale around this district. This August 2015, the Atlanta, Georgia-based Jebco Ventures is scheduled to present to the city’s development review committee preliminary plans for a condominium construction project at the North Tamiami Trail just off Whitaker Bayou and adjacent west of the La Quinta Inn and Suites.

Jebco, which is in the finishing stage of a 40-unit townhouse complex in Ringling Blvd. at the city’s downtown, this time proposes a 150-unit condo in the North Trail site. The company plans to proceed with the project into three phases, with the first focused on building 76 waterfront condos designed with ground floor parking as well as boat slips.

The second phase involves the construction of 80 units clustered around a central pool. For the final stage, Jebco hopes to work with city staff on a third phase that could include a new commercial area along the North Trail.

Other property developments are brewing near Jebco’s proposed North Trail project. One is a 33-unit apartment complex set to replace the Monterey Village Motel across the Ringling College of Art and Design. A commercial venture, the planned 2,250-square-foot Starbucks of Casto Southeast Realty Services is just a short distance south of Jebco’s proposed site.

Neighbors are the key

Whitaker Bayou Condo Eyed Near Museum Area

There were past attempts to redevelop the Jebco site into a condominium and later a yacht club, but this were met with public disfavor particularly from the residents of the nearby Tahiti Beach neighborhood. Nonetheless this time, response from these nearby residents in initial talks appears more receptive, according to Jebco CEO Jim Bridges after meeting with them.

Winning the project’s neighbors is critical as they are quite active among such local advocacies as Bayfront 20:20 and Save Our Sarasota which espouse strong environmental concerns on new property developments. Such concerns are but to be expected as the site’s locality is the domain of historic neighborhoods like Tahiti Park which takes pride in its lush natural setting and proximity not only to the bayou but also to the Whitaker Gateway Park. Sarasota homes for sale can be very attractively priced too, with three-bedroom homes having floor plans of about 2,000 square feet typically offered in the market in the upper $400s.

Upscale communities

Million-dollar residences can likewise be found around this locality, such as those at Whitakers Landing located fronting Sarasota Bay. Featured listings of Sarasota homes for sale in this community can include stately mansions with floor plans of over 5,000 square feet designed with four or five bedrooms. Similar upscale choices can be found in the neighboring Sarasota Bay Park where a sales-listed five-bedroom home with a floor area of 7,434 square feet is currently in the market at an asking price of $2.3 million.

A bit up north of the Museum Area, Sarasota homes for sale at Sapphire Shores and Indian Beach can likewise be upper-tier choices. Nevertheless, the price ranges of Sarasota homes for sale in these communities are more varied. One recently listed home in Indian Beach, for instance, is priced in the upper $200s, featuring two bedrooms and two baths within a floor area of 1,300+ square feet.